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Maciej Zmudzki - Maciejs ArtStudio

My name is Maciej Zmudzki and I am a local artist to the Calgary Community. I am of polish descent and came to Canada at the age of 6. As time tells, and skills develop, as my grandfather to my father to I, have always enjoyed the smell and undertaking of woodworking. From furniture to artistic touches of imagination. With my expressive personality I have been enlightened to create custom art.

My focus is to present something unique each time and centers on a collaboration of people’s interests and ideas. I apply one’s personal interests and adapt those with my creative imagination, with your approval to create a custom project piece.

My focus and primary material is wood, cutting and burning and with the incorporation of other materials such as resin, glass (colored, clear, and mirrored), and lighting, I can execute on any desired piece.

I am open to creating for and working independently, individually with you one-on-one, or with various teams whom may be of interest; personal, corporate, or organizations that would like to identify their spirit.

I work individually on pieces but also if requested would like to invite you to your own project, whether it is a date night, a birthday party, or any other interesting occasion to let your mind be happy and free. 

The focus of this would be to relax yourself in an environment where you can express yourself and have a memory of your experience.

If you feel that you can only do a part of the project you desire, I can help at any moment. My service relies on ensuring the individual is excited and inspired while completing their personal piece of art.

If you are interested in following my artwork or having a memorable piece created for a family member or friend, please contact me via one of the following methods below.

Instagram: Maciejs.Art.Studio
Facebook: Maciejs ArtStudio
Email: Maciejsartstudio@hotmail.com
Mobile: (403)-860-3102

Thank you.
Maciej Zmudzki


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